We All Come From Jizz

A decentralized, perpetual memecoin for all mankind.

Jizz Rocket is a decentralized, perpetual memecoin created with the goal of reaching critical mass. We believe that crypto epitomizes the power of community and togetherness, and that through decentralization and trust in code, people can achieve greatness and freedom. 

The idea for JIZZ was born out of a desire to create a bear market anomaly and a token that could potentially reach billions of market cap. We understand that with decentralization comes chaos, and it is up to the community to navigate this together.

Purchase With Fiat

Utility #1

Welcum to Jizzbot

Introducing Jizzbot AI, where your fantasy can become real in seconds with AI.

JizzBot beta is currently free-to-use to the public.

Phase 1

  • Contract Deployment
  • Social Media Presence
  • Tier 2 & 3 CEX Listings
  • CG & CMC Listings
  • Create an Ethos of Memes & Community

Phase 2

  • Billboard Ads
  • Press Articles
  • Jizzpaper V1 Release
  • Partnerships
  • Jizzbot NSFW AI
  • AMAs with Adult Industry Stars

Phase 3

  • International Community Groups
  • Cumeo Platform
  • Onboarding of Adult Industry Creators
  • Tier 1 & 2 Exchange Listings
  • 10,000 Holders
  • Website Revisions
  • Integration of Fiat On-Ramp
  • Jizzrocket Merch


With a total supply of 69 billion tokens, 50% of the tokens have been sent to a burn address, meaning they are permanently gone. This emphasizes the community-driven focus of JIZZ, with no taxes, team tokens or involvement from venture capitalists. 

An initial liquidity pool of 2.69 ETH was created on Uniswap, but the keys were subsequently burned, meaning that the tokens will not be moved from that pool. This further emphasizes the commitment to decentralization and community control of JIZZ.

Billion Supply
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Burned Forever
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Treasury Tax
0 %
Marketing Tax
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JIZZ is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, only buy from official links.



The quickest way to ascend up the rankings and flip other memes is to consolidate your memecoin portfolio into JIZZ and trust the process.


Join the jizz community

JIZZ is a decentralized memecoin. You are the marketing. The community must engage and be persistent with spreading JIZZ everywhere. 

Jizz Rocket is a decentralized, perpetual memecoin designed to reach critical mass. It is a community-driven project that aims to bring people together and remind us that we all come from Jizz.

Jizz Rocket is a memecoin, meaning it is heavily focused on the use of memes and community engagement. It also has a unique token economics model, with a 69 billion token supply and 50% of tokens sent to a burn address gone forever, 0 TAX and no team tokens or VCs.

You can get involved with Jizz Rocket by purchasing tokens on Uniswap, participating in community discussions on Telegram, Twitter or medium, and spreading the word about Jizz Rocket through memes.

You can sell your Jizz Rocket tokens on Uniswap, but the project encourages holding onto them and participating in the community to drive the price up.

Join the revolution

Ape strong. Remember, don't jizz too soon.